About us

Mothers are the real super heroes behind the scenes who deserve care and attention. At Hesper we do what it takes to make their early days as mothers as easy as possible; by empowering them through providing them with fashionable maternity and nursing wear, that elevates their confidence during this period.

Our products are designed to be bump friendly, nursing friendly and postpartum friendly as well as Hijab friendly in most of the cases.

Hesper wear is more than just a business we believe in community building, and we take the empowerment of the beloved mothers seriously, we know how tough life can be on all mothers that’s why we decided to exist with all the passion and love we carry for all mothers.

Our Story

Hesper is an Egyptian brand that was founded in June 2022 by a group of friends who lived the challenge of finding a suitable and fashionable maternity wear during their pregnancy period as well as all the challenges of breastfeeding outdoors and finding clothes that can make breastfeeding easy outdoors.

And as part of their belief that we were all born to help each other and their willingness to help all Mothers avoid such challenges the idea of Hesper was born.

At the beginning they thought of importing the products from China following the easy path, however they quickly realized that despite they will be helping Mothers, they will not be helping their own country in a tough economical period, they also saw how fast fashion and products made in China from synthetic Fabrics are not helping the environment.


So they have decided to follow the hard path of manufacturing those products in Egypt to support the economy of the country, ensure the uniqueness and style of the designs, and make the products sustainable and environmental friendly by using natural as much as possible.

Our Promise


We will create easy access to maternity, nursing and paternity knowledge and products in a way that supports all women during their motherhood journey while staying sustainable and environmental friendly.

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